December 2016


Update December 14th 2016 - Bounce Metronome Pro

Minor update 14th December

Added shortcut Ctrl + Q to quit the program and Ctrl + Shift + Q to set all the currently visible windows to be shown at the start of every session then close the program (without a message asking if that's what you want to do). Also now when it reshows windows at the start of each session it remembers which one was in front last time you closed the program for a smoother work flow - at least on Windows it does (not yet on the Mac). For details see Change Log for 14th December. To download go to the download page. I have also updated the Mac Beta to this latest version.

Update 11th December

Added droplists to Tempo Dial (Ctrl + 222) to you choose how to show the tempo in the tempo dial. Added droplists to Tempo Dial to make it easier to choose how to show the tempo on the tempo dial. This is available in Tempo Dial - Preferences (Ctrl + 223). but I get emails from time to time from users who haven't found it yet and find the tempo dial puzzling, so I hope this will help with that. Also for everyone, it put this option right in the tempo dial, where it is most needed. It doesn't obscure any of the other options in the dial as you see from the screen shot


Also, when you use F4 to record the window positions on the screen then it not only preserves their positions, it now preserves which ones are on top and which are behind others - the way they are stacked from back to front ("z order"), when you close the program and re-open it. Also added options to expand or contract to include all keyswitches in Play Keyswitches from PC keyboard, on-screen keyboard or via midi in (Ctrl + 268)

See Change Log for Sunday 11th December 2016.