Acceptable Use Policy

Can I use this software to make music, art or videos to sell commercially?

Yes you can. As with any of my software, the tools are intended to be used in this way, and it is absolutely fine.

It's also okay to use the demo tunes and art work in your own pieces too. They are there for that purpose as demos which you can modify to use to make your own pieces. You can copyright your own tunes and artwork made by modifying the ones that come with these programs. You can't copyright the ones that come with the programs - but have my permission to use them.

I reserve the right to introduce separate commercial licenses in the future. However, I haven't done so yet. If I do ever do it, all existing owners will be granted commercial licenses automatically, in line with my commitment to never charge for upgrades for existing users.

Distribution of installers

The installers are freely distributable. You may include the setup programs on any CD compilation. You may not sell the evaluation copy or charge for it beyond a reasonable fee to cover copying it.

Charge for use of the programs themselves

You may not charge for other users to use the programs themselves. You can however charge for support for the programs if you are assisting users to work with them in particular ways.

If you wish to charge for other users to use the programs themselves (rather than for others to use music or art made with them), or you wish to use the programs themselves to promote other commercial products, please contact me first to discuss ideas or make arrangements.

The issue here is that you may not charge others to use your copy of the program in any way as an alternative to buying their own copies from me - without prior arrangement. If you are a music therapist or in other ways let your clients use my programs as a tool as part of your work then that counts as acceptable use - but if they need to use the program for themselves at home they need their own copies or other arrangements need to be made.

Generally most intended uses of the programs will be absolutely fine. If at all unsure just contact me to check that your intended use is acceptable, or to make other arrangements if necessary.

Use for installations, web sites, or computer games where the music or art responds to user input

You need additional permission if you want to run run the programs commercially to make music or art that changes dynamically e.g. for an installation, or web site, or computer game, where you let the user change the parameters of a fractal tune or visual design - or the tune changes in response to events, or the like. The reason is because that is like charging users to use my programs. Permission is only required if there is a commercial or advertising element involved - however be sure to contact me if at all unsure about the situation.

I am also interested to hear about such uses from a personal point of view and may well be interested in collaborating and adding new features to help with your installation.

If there is a commercial or advertising element then again contact me to see what arrangements are possible.

Special note for music therapists

It is fine to use Bounce Metronome in association with music therapy, and on the whole I am delighted to see it used in this way and to know that individuals are being benefited through the use of my program. However there are some guidelines I would like to give to help make sure that the program is used in a way that I feel is acceptable. Most users of the program should have no problems with these conditions.

You may not attribute to use of Bounce Metronome claims of health benefits not supported by research results, particularly extreme health benefits (cure of cancer etc).

You may not represent your own healing ideas as those of  the author of Bounce Metronome. If your health method involves broadcasting music using Bounce Metronome itself in real time, or if you use such methods for free to promote your products or with other advertising aims, you need my permission as with other similar uses (see above).

You may not advertise Bounce Metronome in spam e-mail or unsolicited e-mails, nor in letters or phone calls to private individuals who haven't asked to be notified about your health programs. You may not use Bounce Metronome to promote a healing method that involves treating clients via e-mail whose physical condition you know nothing about.

Any questions?

If at all unsure, simply contact me to make sure that the use of Bounce Metronome is acceptable. You can find my email details on the Support page or use the form there to contact me.

(This is not to be considered as a legal document, but is just information to help users).