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Very Minor Bounce Metronome Update 28th June 2011

This is a very minor bug fixes update. Change log entry here.

For the 4.2 update see this earlier blog post


Polyrhythm videos

Thought I'd start a thread about polyrhythm videos on youtube and elsewhere. Added this one also to the Polyrhythms video resources page.

Efe People's Polyrhythms

Youtube Video

Efe Peoples Music, Indigenous Africa, Likembe (thumb piano) Song
Links: See Efe People and Efe People of the Ituri forest for more about the people who make this music


Why does the bounce work so well?

Youtube Video

“Its secret is ... a ‘gravity bounce’ that feels like having your own conductor to help you keep in time...” Martin Walker, PC Notes, Sound On Sound Mag., 2010

Many musicians have told me how much easier they find it to learn new rhythms with this metronome.

So - why is that? Think about that familiar moment when an orchestral conductor comes onto the stage at the start of a performance, silent and motionless for a moment or two.

Then he raises and drops the baton, and you hear a single chord with all the instruments wonderfully in time with each other. This simple visual cue is enough for all the players to come in, synchronised to within a millisecond or two.

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More Pygmie Music

You might like these too :)

Efe People's Rhythms and Polyrhythms

It's a playlist of an hour and a half of Pygmie music with lots nicie rhythms including many polyrhythms - they are noted for their polyrhythms. The tuning of the music is also interesting for those interested in microtonal music.

See Efe People and Efe People of the Ituri forest for more about the people who make this music ]


Bounce Metronome 4.3 Update

To find out what's new in version 4.3 of Bounce, see Bounce Metronome 4.3 Release.

Latest update 14th November 2012. Fixes quite a few remaining bugs in the 4.3 release, - most important some glitches in the layout of the bouncing balls in the 3D bounce window which you might encounter with some rhythms. Also adds some extremely minor new features.

You can get this new update from the Download Page.

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Bounce Metronome 4.3 Update (part 2)

To find out what's new in version 4.3 of Bounce, see Bounce Metronome 4.3 Release.

Latest update 21st  November 2012. For those of you intersted in CSound - done some work on that part of the program, should make it easier to find out what to do and how to use it. This is likely to be especially useful for the harmonic metronomes - will have a go at some youtube videos using some of the CSound instruments to show what it can do.

Also improvements in the way it handles example projects - getting ready for idea to add example projects to download, or possibly in the installer, for videos on the bounce metronome resources page and on youtube. It doesn't have those yet, but hope to start to add them soon.

Also added a new option to the Go SILENT briefly and Tempo Cycles (Ctrl + 245) you can now set it to go silent briefly in one part only - or to go silent at different places in each of the parts of the rhythm. Similarly for the option to hide the bouncing balls.

To get it visit the download page

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Tempo and Rhythm Progressions - Minor Update (December 16th 2012)

To find out what's new in version 4.3 of Bounce, see Bounce Metronome 4.3 Release.

Youtube Video

Time signatures for 51 measures of Stravinsky's "Sacrificial Dance" from Rite of Spring

Latest update 16th December 2012. This makes it much easier to work with rhythm and tempo progressions, e.g. for a song with time signature changes, say 8 measures of 5/4, then 4 measures of 2/4, then 16 measures of 4/4 or whatever. The video shows a more complicated example - the time signatures for 51 measures of Stravinsky's "Sacrificial Dance" from Rite of Spring - noted for its complex pattern of time signatures.

To get it visit the download page

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Hide Bounce - Minor Update (December 30th 2012)

This adds an option to the Opts and Visuals drop menu: "Hide Bounce". This hides the Bounce windows and options throughout Bounce Metronome.  Makes it easy to hide them when you don't want them and show them again when you need them.

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Minor Update (January 9th 2013) - Bounce Metronome

This is a very minor update. Added option "Show decimal part of tempo in strip" in the More several times version of Set Tempo Dial Range, Tempo Names and Design (Ctrl + 252). Also has some minor bug fixes

See Change Log To update just get the lastest from the download page and install on top of the existing installation.



Tuesday 5th February 2013 - "Mind boggling", and syncopated polyrhythms are easier to make - & new go silent briefly capabilities

Youtube Video

Polyrhythm 3:2 played as 2/6 : 3/4 - Nicely Mind Boggling but Simple Beginner's Polyrhythm - this is easier to make with the new upload - just set up a 3:2 polyrhythm and press the "Make Mind Boggling" button

This upload adds some new options to help with the "African style syncopated polyrhythms" and the "Mind boggling simple polyrhythms".

In the Go Silent Briefly (Ctrl + 260) window, you can now set it to go silent for half a measure (say) or any fraction of a measure. You can set it to fade out to silence and fade back in again (both sound and visually).

Also added support for custom note letters such as the ones for Indian note names in To Show, Sustain and controller (Ctrl + 123)

Also improved the layout of the Gradually Changing Tempo (Ctrl + 42) window, and added in some more options.

Also fixed several bugs in the Tempo and Rhythm Progressions (Ctrl + 245) window which only show up with some combinations of the settings in that window mainly to do with progressions that mix rhythms with different note values such as 4/4 and 3/16 etc, and fixed a fair number of other bugs (mostly minor).

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