Bounce Metronome Wiki

Go to the Bounce Metronome Wiki to search its help, and to look for tutorials, background material, and the wish list.

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Bounce Metronome Wiki (internet archive)

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It has the help for All the windows, organised by category or by the window number. Also the help for all the main window views. This is the same as the context sensitive help you get when you run the program. So the main reason for visiting the wiki is that the help is searchable, and you can see all the tool tips for each window on a single page.

Here as time goes on I'll add tutorials, demos, and background material.

The wiki already includes the "Many ways to use a metronome" pages to help you to make more productive use of your metronome sessions. Even if you are a pro and have used a metronome for years, you may still find a few ideas here to help stimulate and enrich your metronome practise.

Also has the complete on-line Bounce Metronome Wish List - wishes added and wishes granted.