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Online review by Aaron Wolf, Ann Arbor guitar teacher

"There are countless basic metronome programs (including built-in metronomes...), mobile apps, and websites, but nothing else compares to the phenomenal  Bounce Metronome.

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Comments on  youtube about Bounce Metronome - highlights:
cutest metronome ever!" ... "This is a fascinating way to study nested tuplets." ... its so so fun, creative and fuuun again ... This is great stuff man...I like it!!!....Gonna test drive it...then purchase.

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Bounce Metronome Pro ,,, a clever PC metronome utility with visual options such as 3D bouncing balls, animated drumsticks and conductor’s baton graphics. (online summary)

 ... Rather like those used in karaoke machines, their rise and fall incorporates a ‘gravity bounce’ that feels like having your own conductor to help you keep in time.

...  I found it reliable enough to abandon audio clicks altogether and use as a silent metronome, which also makes it useful for deaf musicians. Studio owners could display it on screen in their live rooms to keep players in time without them requiring headphones... (full review)

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Martin Walker, PC Notes, Sound On Sound
Sound On Sound Magazine, 2010, online summary (scroll down a little)
Sound On Sound Magazine, 2010, printed review

This is by far the most powerful and flexible metronome that I have ever used.  GREAT software!

J. Weiss

More comments on the Robertinventor channel on youtube. - with embedded videos

Youtube Video

Rhythm Phasing Example

This is great. I can hear ( and see!) the swing morphing through all the popular applications used music that I listen to and try to play. From ambient rhythm to flavors of jazz, rock, hip-hop, etc,. This is far beyond just attempting to "feel it". Mystery solved for finding that esoteric groove - George Reagan

Youtube Video

5:3 Polyrhythm with bounce visuals to help you keep time

I'd just like to say that I think this concept is fantastic! I've been a pianist for 23 years and I am also profoundly deaf. Some of the complicated polyrhythms I've encountered have led to much hand-wringing and hair-pulling (such as 5:3, 7:8, 6:8, etc). This VISUAL approach makes it SO easy to see the rhythmic interplay and to clap it until it becomes internalized. Thank you! Kyle Thomas

Youtube Video

Can you do this rhythm phasing challeng :). Two 6/8 patterns, one at 90 and one at 92 bpm

When I found this metronome(2 hours ago, I bought it within minutes) since then I've been tapping polyrhythms like a maniac and having so much fun! Thanks a lot for this metronome I'll be using this untill I can tap four rhythms polyrhythms with my hands and feet. It's the best way I've ever seen to visualize and help understand the polyrhythms better. Thank you so much."  hacccper

Youtube Video

Fibonacci rhythm - no bar pattern - highly structured but never repeats - played on harmonics

This is a great tool. We have to be grateful for your invention. Very clear to figure out. I've just crashed my old metronome into little pieces..... dvdkokoro

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A great piece of coding. An essential tool for every musician (and drummer. See what I did there?).

The sheer flexibility of the program coupled with the incredible visual time-keeper makes it a must-have.

Kudos to you Robert for giving the world of music something to completely rely upon.

Aditto Bhattacharjee
The Hofmann Chronicles

...Bounce Metronome is really fantastic. The visual representation of rhythm is unique and invaluable for a frustrated beginning percussionist

Greg Moores

I love your polyrhythm metronome ... thanks for the very cool utility

David Kaplowitz

You have a truly great product. What I use it for is simulating being at a rehearsal and watching the conductor for tempo including time changes etc ..

I'm a returning Trombonist (after 30 years) who had poor music reading skills. Bounce allows me to setup a simulated "conducted" environment with the scripts created for each piece...

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Dan DelProposto

Terrific Robert! This program should be in the arsenal of every musician. There's something about the bounce that keeps the practicing vibrant

It's a great and fun tool.

Dan Axelrod

I play with two polyrhythmic drummers. This will help a lot ... thanks for your wonderful tool

Stan Lassiter

Wow! What a brilliant program!

... Thankyou again for providing me with this music software and the musical journey I am making with it. As an amateur and purely intuitive music maker, both TS and BM are opening so many 'musical' doors for me

Within minutes of downloading the software and just 'playing around' with its parameters, I was generating rhythms and beats and was literally conducting like a true professional. I learned more about time and signatures in those first few minutes than it had taken me a lifetime to from books!

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Alan Collins

I have been enjoying using your Bounce Metronome program to help with some of the complex timing of movements in Tai Chi. Your representations of time are very in sync with what I learn in Tai Chi...

Thanks for designing such a creative program

...Brian Eno said the problem with the computer is there isn't enough Africa in it. Well I find your program has some ancient China in it, some Africa, and some future in it.

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Steven Grainger

Wow, Robert your software is so creative and inspiring! You're a true artist

Kevin Hobby


I can’t stress enough the importance of not only having a good sense of time, but being a master of it (not that I am, mind you).
There is something real special about a group of Musicians who lock in together. It's almost a spiritual feeling, after a period of time playing together, knowing each other's style of playing & being really familiar with the songs, sometimes you hit a performance peak where everything that you’re playing seems to hit a zone. You don't think that you’re actually playing your instrument, you’re that relaxed & you can't stop smiling. It seems so effortless & you seem to get a natural high from the great sound that's being emitted.
When a Musician or group of Musicians have impeccable timing great things can happen.
The Bounce Metronome will help people to accomplish this great feeling of playing good/great Music together. I only wish this Technology had been around when I was a teenager.

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Gary Evans (Australia) 22 Sep 2011

Recent forum posts and discussions around the web:

Linux Musicians

"Bounce Metronome now fully functions under WINE!!

"Bounce Metronome is one of the most absolutely amazing and stunning music programs in existence. It starts with a deceptively simple idea that is beyond compare: the very best visualization for rhythm ever. Add to this support for complete range of swing, accents, polyrhythms, additive rhythms, huge numbers of options to adjust every detail, and some incredible harmonic just intonation rhythmic fractal evolutionary craziness at the advanced level, and much more

"The program is proprietary, but the terms of the license are exceptionally reasonable ... Furthermore, the developer is extremely friendly and responsive and this is simply every bit as ethical as can be short of being fully FLOSS. There's even discounted license rates for students or third-world low-income users.

"Nothing else compares to this and being able to use this without running Windows is a major win for Free Software and GNU/Linux!"

Roland VDrums forum

Thanks. I can always use something that will help me evolve my skill level in new and exciting ways. I get bored very easily. Besides I hate practicing rudiments. Something visual like this is intruguing enough to pacify me for a while.......maybe.

Jazz Guitar at Google Groups

"The most flexible piece of metronome software that I know of is Bounce Metronome.  The Polyrhythms function alone makes it worth the cost."

From the Woodshed

“You need to check out 'Bounce Metronome' that's the one I use. It has SOOO many features, and is super simple to use.”

Amazing Software Metronome (thegearpage.net forum thread)

"The difference with this metronome is that it has so many functions, it's mind-boggling.The Polyrhythmic Metronome is really what I am focused on right now--eg, playing 3 over 5, etc. It took me about 5 minutes to get the hang of really playing it along with the Bounce Metronome."

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The world is changing and it is changing very fast! With the fresh new
technology, new competitors are appearing in every industry. New products are
also introduced. While many people in the industry have been
addressing accessibility issues for years, most have never given them much
thought. According to the World Health Organization, *"285 million people are
visually impaired worldwide: 39 million are blind and 246 have low vision…
In a very recent trend, all developers want to make their software visually
appealing, flashy, and eye-catching. They also want to make them easy to use.
The two goals don't have to conflict, but unfortunately what often looks good
to designers and programmers can be annoying to customers with differing
tastes and unusable for customers with eyestrain, low vision, or color

In the 21st century, when this is the current blood report of accessibility,a very few people like Robert Walker are providing accessibility in their applications. It is not only helpful, but an example to other developers.

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Pradip Sikdar
Clavier Productions

Have you left the idea of using a metronome in the dusty past? You surely don’t need a standalone timekeeper, do you? Click tracks are easy to generate inside your DAW, so other than getting a reference on tempo when you’re writing away from your workstation, why even consider buying an online metronome?

Bounce Metronome, the brain child of Robert Walker, is a fascinating app that I’d strongly suggest you check out, particularly if you’re interested in polyrhythms. I recently bought the scores of Fred Lerdahl’s three string quartets. They’re brilliant, and the inventiveness of his cross rhythms is inspiring. Bounce Metronome has allowed me to program some of Fred’s rhythms, and I’ve begun creating variations on them.

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Gary Eskow
MixBlog, in Mix Online