July 2017


Update July 3rd 2017 - Bounce Metronome Pro

Very minor extra update, 3rd July, The new window 3D Bounce - Overview (Ctrl + 298) wasn't included in the + menu for the 3D Bounce window and related windows - fixed.

This is a minor update with some small changes and bug fixes. New window 3D Bounce - Overview (Ctrl + 298) - this is especially useful if the check boxes, droplists and buttons are hidden in the 3D Bounce Window - an option on Windows and always hidden on the Mac. It's an overview of some of the most important controls that change how the 3D Bounce is displayed.

New button in that window, "Make Scene Preset" with four prset scenes so far:

  • "Fast with 2D balls for old slow machines"
  • "Textured Sea"
  • "Darker Textured Sea"
  • "Simple scene - just skin background"

The first three were available as separate buttons before. The last one is a new preset.

New option "Show FPS" in Bouncing Balls - Visuals - Controls, Text and layout (Ctrl + 233) and 3D Bounce - Visuals (Ctrl + 257)

New options in the Win drop menu "Simplify all except main window menu" and "Restore all simplified menus" shown if appropriate.

Some other minor changes and several bug fixes. For details see Change Log for 2nd July 2017To download go to the download page