June 2015


21st June - Bug Fix

21st June, more bug fixes.Main thing - this fixes a blue screen issue that affected a few users.

I've had a couple reports of blue screen after installation, which apparently - from a debug log - is a result of using Direct 2D for edge smoothing when drawing circles on some computers. If affected, then this will happen right away after you first install Bounce Metronome, when you first  try run it. No idea why this happens as I can't duplicate it here.

Anyway the new defaul to use image resampling instead fixes it. Also fixes a bug that may auto switch off the gradual tempo changes in some situations.

You can get the latest Bounce from the download page.
Mac version not yet updated, will do it soon. For Mac users, the blue screen is not an issue, as it doesn't have Direct2D anyway.

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9th June - Installer now backs up old .exe file with date, so that rollback is easy to do

With this upload, the installer now makes an automatic backup of the old .exe file, with date and time. For instance the Bounce Metronome installer will copy the old "Bounce Metronome.exe" to e.g. "Bounce Metronome - Date=06(day)-06-2015 (Saturday) - Time=23-26-40.exe"

That way then rollback is easy, just in case the new update has a bug in it that affects you. Just go to the program location folder and you'll find your old .exe file still there and can run that instead. E.g. change desktop shortcut so that it links to the old version of Bounce instead of the new one.

Also fixes a bug on the Mac - that if you click on the Buy button in the program, or some of the other buttons that are supposed to open external web pages - you get an error message and no page shows up - fixed.

You can get the latest Bounce from the download page. 

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6th June - "Click to send playing style keyswitches" window and circular piano style graphics for theremin

New window that lets you send playing style keyswitches from Bounce by pressing buttons. These are often used by sample player instruments. E.g. Kontakt instruments. Lets you change playing styles, e.g. for string instruments notes that were pre-recorded as arco (just normal bowing), staccato, vibrato, tremolo, pizzicato etc.












Also have extended the new piano keyboard theremin visuals to the circular theremin (NB you can set it to use any arrangement of black and white keys and any number of keys to the octave). It's purely visual, to help you orientate yourself, the theremin still plays continuously. Though in the future I could add an option to play it discretely as an on screen keyboard.

This shows the circular keyboard set to wrap around once. So the two Gs at the left and right are the same pitch and the notes in the top half of the window are the same pitch as the notes immediately below them in the bottom half.






You can get the latest Bounce from the download page. 

To get to the mouse theremin, first you need to make sure you show melodic instruments etc in the Instruments drop menu, then you can get to it with Ctrl + 163.