9th June - Installer now backs up old .exe file with date, so that rollback is easy to do

With this upload, the installer now makes an automatic backup of the old .exe file, with date and time. For instance the Bounce Metronome installer will copy the old "Bounce Metronome.exe" to e.g. "Bounce Metronome - Date=06(day)-06-2015 (Saturday) - Time=23-26-40.exe"

That way then rollback is easy, just in case the new update has a bug in it that affects you. Just go to the program location folder and you'll find your old .exe file still there and can run that instead. E.g. change desktop shortcut so that it links to the old version of Bounce instead of the new one.

Also fixes a bug on the Mac - that if you click on the Buy button in the program, or some of the other buttons that are supposed to open external web pages - you get an error message and no page shows up - fixed.

You can get the latest Bounce from the download page. 


In case of the Mac, won't make any difference of course if you just download the latest Bounce for Mac as that's like a new program anyway, and you'll still have your old version on your computer until you delete it. But this is relevant if you use the Windows program to update your current Mac app in its wineskin. Will create a dated copy of the previous .exe file inside the wineskin. It's a bit more techy, but you can, if you want, roll back to that in similar way to Windows, using the wineskin to change what program it points to.



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