7th April - Speed drills, Stop after, Midi In sync via a note on, minor improvements and Bug fixes

Adds three new windows to help with speed drills, to set Bounce to stop play after a set period of time, and to help with sync with notes from midi in, e.g. to set Bounce to synchronize with your DAW or Finale / Sibelius etc. You can get it from the download page.

First, the Stop After window lets you set it to stop play automatically after a given time or number of measures. The More version of this window also has an option to fade out over a given time or number of measures (gradually gets quiet until it fades to silence) and to complete the last measure (useful if you set it to play a given time period).


For the speed drills - suppose you want to start at 60 BPM, and then automatically increase 2 BPM at a time, until you reach 100 BPM, and play each tempo for a set number of measures, or time interval - this new window makes it easier to set up Bounce Metronome to do this sort of exercise, with various other options. 


Then for the Midi In sync, Bounce doesn't have good Midi in sync capabilities at present, and this is to help fill the gap.

The idea is that as soon as Bounce gets a note from midi in, it schedules it to start play a fixed time period later - say a measure later, or a fixed number of beats later etc. This note is  not played. Then so long as you have your DAW or notation software set to the same tempo, and add a note to the score or sequence a measure early or fixed number of notes early before the start of the piece, then they should play exactly in time, or reasonably so.
If you just need to use Bounce for practice, this may be what you need.


It's working pretty well here, can get it to within a millisecond or 2 ms of the incoming midi notes from Finale Notepad or Noteworthy Composer. Has a diagnostics window in the More version of the window, which shows the timing of the notes received, and the notes it plays itself, and tha's where those 2 ms figures come from.

This upload also has several bug fixes and a number of other minor user interface improvements. I uploaded it first on 3rd April but then found some things to fix especially in the new speed drills window and so have been working on that for the last few days, before announcing it.

7th April 2015, earlier upload on 3rd April.


For Windows, or for Wine on Linux, go to the download page.

For the Mac beta - if you haven't got it yet, go to  Wineskin Bounce for Mac Beta. - you can then update your beta to the latest version by downloading the Windows installer and following the instructions there.

For details of the changes and fixes, see Change Log and Bug Fixes.



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