Prepare to be amazed by the rhythms Bounce can play

Prepare to be amazed by the rhythms Bounce can play:

(some of the highlights from the Amazing rhythm and tempo features of Bounce Metronome Pro)

Odd time signatures, here 5/4 in a conducting pattern

Test to see how steady your tempo is and exercises to help develop precision of timing and sensitivity to tempo

and automatic speed drills with stepping progressions where you ramp up by 2 bpm, step down 1 bpm and repeat


Drum rudiments and other rhythms with mixtures of beats of different note values

Fun things such as bouncing sprites

“There's something about the bounce that keeps the practicing vibrant. It's a great and fun tool.”, Dan Axelrod - read his testimonial »

Note: the sprites in this video are just for fun, You can set it to show any bouncing image with any background. The default is plain colour. You can also show it as a white baton in 3D and many other options.

Including nested tuplets for any of the rhythms, as in the music of Frank Zappa and Brian Ferneyhough

and fragmentary tuplets

Rhythm Phasing as in the music of Steve Reich

Polyrhythmic buzz rolls

The lovely pendulum waves as harmonics, and Theremin's rhythmicon

Here is one of the pendulum wave videos which inspired it

Another way of showing these "sonified pendulum waves"

For more about these rhythms, see my Science20 articles: Pure Tones in Healing, and Musical Rhythms in Maths.

Bounce has an audible version of the bounce effect as well, for blind users, which "bounces" in pitch and volume instead of visually.

Bounce metronome can play many other types of rhythm, and can do it with accelerating tempo, go silent briefly, able to play rhythms in sequence, with automatic changes of tempo and rhythm, and many other features.

For details see Amazing Rhythms and Tempo Features of Bounce Metronome Pro.

Microtonal capabilities and multi-touch

This is an early video from the days of Windows 7 soon after I first added multi-touch capabilities.

Chord progressions

You can also set it to play any chords, just enter them using chord notation

Some of the chord symbols you can use in Bounce Metronome: C, Cm, Csus2, Csus4, Cadd2, Cadd9, Cadd4, Cmadd2, Cmadd9, Cmadd4, Cadd2add4, Cmadd2add4, Caug, Cdim, Cdim7, C5, C6, Cm6, C6/9, Cm6/9, C6/7, Cm6/7, Cmaj6/7, C7, Cm7, Cmaj7, C7sus4, C7sus2, C7add4, Cm7add4, C9, Cm9, Cmaj9, C9sus4, C11, Cm11, Cmaj11, C13, Cm13, Cmaj13, C13sus4, Cmmaj7, CmM7, Cmmaj9, CmM9, C7#9, C7b9, C7#5, C7b5, Cm7#5, Cm7b5, Cmaj7#5, Cmaj7b5, C9#5, C9b5, C7aug9, C7dim9, C7aug5, C7dim5, Cm7aug5, Cm7dim5, Cmaj7aug5, Cmaj7dim5, C9aug5, C9dim5 (with repetitions for different spellings of the same chord).

See chords

Complex polymeters

4/4 : 4/5: 4/3 (Brian Ferneyhough's notation) as a harmonic polyrhythm with gradually changing tempo

These rare rhythms are a much desired feature of a metronome for Math Metal and composers who work with complex polymeters. They combine ideas from rhythm phasing and polyrhythms.

Unlike normal polyrhythms, the measures as well as the beats differ in size. Played here as harmonic polyrhythms - each rhythm plays a different pitch with the pitches related to each other via the harmonic series

4/4 : 4/5: 4/3 (Brian Ferneyhough's notation) as a harmonic polyrhythm with gradually changing tempo

“It starts with a deceptively simple idea that is beyond compare: the very best visualization for rhythm ever. Add to this support for complete range of swing, accents, polyrhythms, additive rhythms, huge numbers of options to adjust every detail, and some incredible harmonic just intonation rhythmic fractal evolutionary craziness at the advanced level, and much more”

”...Quite simply the most remarkable metronome for music study” (Aaron Wolf (guitar teacher))

You can read many more testimonials, discussions and reviews - here

More about these rhythms and tempo features

Have these videos intrigued you, and you want to find out more about what Bounce can do for you? See Amazing Rhythms and Tempo Features of Bounce Metronome Pro .

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