4 : 3 type Polyrhythms or Cross Rhythms

This is the basic polyrhythm: all the rhythms have the same measure size, with differing numbers of beats in the measure

Who are these rhythms for?

You find these in Indian Carnatic, Afro Cuban, Sub Saharan African, Jazz, Metal, modern minimalist, Chopin, Contemporary Western Classical, and many other genres, for more examples, see Polyrhythms - Usage and History (Wikipedia)

For audio clips of some polyrhythms including a few left out of this page, see Downloadable audio clips of polyrhythms

Use these videos as a resource

You can use any of these videos as a resource for your own website or wikis, or make more of them yourself - see Add videos like these to your own site

Play these rhythms and animations at any tempo with Bounce Metronome

You can use Bounce Metronome Pro to practise these and many more rhythms at any tempo, including changing tempo. 

For these rhythms see the Polyrhythms feature.