Beat (Tactus) Preserving Polymeters (Video Resources)

Youtube Video

Two rhythms ♩ ♪♩ and ♩ ♪♩ ♪ as a beat preserving polymeter

 What are they?

Beat (tactus) preserving polymeters - are rhythms with different time signatures played in step with each other. All the beats are the same size, or are multiples of two, four (or other power of two) of each other.

Sometimes these beat preserving polymeters are just called polymeters for short. Actually, polymeter is a word used more generally for any way of combining rhythms with different measure or beat size or both. A polyrhythm with the measures all the same size is a "measure preserving polymeter".


Playlist of beat perserving polymeter videos

Use these videos as a resource

You can use any of these videos as a resource for your own website or wikis, or make more of them yourself - see Add videos like these to your own site

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