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Example of additive rhythm from Indian Music: 5/4 + 2/4 + 3/4 with the syllables used to learn it
Sankeernam (putting a chatushram and kantam together)-9 beats-Ta-ka-dhi-mi- ta-ka-ta-ki-ta.

What are they?

Additive rhythms are rhythms played one after another in a cycle. So e.g. alternating 3/4 with 4/4 is additive. Sometimes you have a more irregular pattern such as a few bars of 3/4 now and again in the middle of a piece in 4/4. That's a mixed meter, the more general term. You could say that additive rhythms are an especially regular form of mixed meter.

These are common in many traditions. Some take it much further, such as Indian music elaborating the idea into long cycles of rhythms that repeat over and over the same way each time, including cycles of polyrhythms as well.

Flamenco rhythms are based on the Additive rhythm 6/8 + 3/4.

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