Audio Clips of Tune Smithy Tunes

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Gives an idea of what the tunes can sound like if you play them on high quality sampled instruments, here strings, shakuhachi and harp. With each one you  hear the seed  then the fractal tune which is entirely generated from the seed by a simple algorithm plus some parameters. 

You get the Tune Smithy tunes as a free bonus when you buy Bounce Metronome Pro. You can use them to creae your own tunes, and you can also use your own realizations to audio of the demo tunes that come with the program, no need to attribue, and for any purpose including commercial. 

I know not everyone is set up to make audio clips on their computer, so I also release these realizations to audio under the CC By license. In a nutshell:  the only restriction is that if you use these recordings, you should attribute me as the creator of the audio.

License for these recordings

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

This means you can remix them and use them as you like, including commercial use, but need to attribute me as the maker of the original recording.

You can attribute them to "Robert Walker" or "Robert Inventor".  

You can link to this page as the url (or URI) mentioned in the license, or to (which redirects here).

This is just for these exact realizations of the tunes to audio

Note - this is just for these exact realizations of the recordings, which I did with careful choice of instruments, volume levels, reverb, and so on.

The original demo tunes in Tune Smithy, the ones they are derived from, are like the demo visual fractals in a fractal program - they are yours to use as you like (including commercially), and you don't need to attribute me or Tune Smithy for them. 

The tunes as separate downloadable mp3s

Tune Smithy - seven-limit-slendro-harp

Tune Smithy - virtuoso-violn-with-flute

Tune Smithy - la-folia-chords

Tune Smithy - endless-early-baroque-movement

Tune Smithy - playing-the-shakuhachi-on-a-rocky-shore

Tune Smithy - koto-and-shakuhachi

Tune Smithy - shakuhachi-and-koto

Tune Smithy - shakuhachi-with-sea-waves

Tune Smithy - Al-Farabi's-very-septimal-dorian-harmonious

Tune Smithy - flute-recorder-bell-partials