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Kickstarter new video: Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Lissajous 3D... on Intel Mac!

Just done a new version of the video for the kickstarter project to get Bounce Metronome on Mac, and this seems to help a lot. It looks very promising that it will go all the way.

On Kicktraq, it shows as trending to 150% funded just now (30% of funded so far) and for the projection cone, the lowest point still shows it fully funded.

Then by the Kickstarter stats, for technology projects that go as far as 21% funded, then 70% go all the way.


Kickstarter progress: Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Lissajous 3D... on Intel Mac!

You can keep track of the kickstarter funding at, and they give a mini chart I can embed into the website,

Bounce Metronome etc is already at just short of 20% not too bad at this stage, trending towards 136% though it's too soon to take that trend too seriously yet.

Update on 11th May:

 It's now at 38%, with 14% of the total pledged today (11th May), 27 days still to go.
Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Lissajous 3D... on Intel Mac! -- Kicktraq Mini



Harmonious Lissajous Knots,Pendulum Waves With Sound. The Rhythmicon & Sloth Canon Musical Sequences - new article


My new article on Science20 about topics such as the harmonic polyrhythms, and the Tune Smithy tunes, also talking about my new kickstarter to get Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Lissajous 3D, and Virtual Flower running on the Intel Mac.


For Mac Musicians - Let's get Bounce Metronome running on Intel Mac kickstarter

JUST LAUNCHED . Are you a Mac musician, artist or mathematician?.Let's get Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Virtual Flower, Lissajous 3D & Activity Timer on a Mac! Your support is much appreciated.


Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Lissajous 3D... on Intel Mac!

You can also show your support by joining the facebook event
Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Lissajous 3D... on Intel Mac!

or the Google+ one
Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Lissajous 3D... on Intel Mac!


Bounce Metronome on Intel Mac kickstarter

I'm planning a kickstarter to make Bounce Metronome available on Intel Macs. More about this presently.

NOT YET READY TO LAUNCH - Launching soon. You can preview it here. Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Lissajous 3D... on Intel Mac!


Update April 6th 2014 - Bounce Metronome Pro

Youtube Video

Symmetrical Massa Im Pippuo with go silent briefly - uses new option Compress tops of bounces towards section midpoint by

 This is mainly a bug fix upload, but with a few new minor features. It also has some new tool tips and improvements in layouts of some of the windows.

The main one is quite a major bug - that if you set it to do gradual tempo changes and set it to vary the tempo over times in minutes rather than numbers of measures - it forgets the times if you close the program and start it up again or save a project and re-open it.

The good news is that any previously saved projects will open okay - the times were saved to the project - but it just doesn't read them properly.

It also fixes some bugs to do with the tool tips - though the last upload fixd the main bug there, still sometimes you might not see a tool tip when you hover the mouse over a control - and this fixes those glitches. 

Plus a few other minor updates and bug fixes.

To update, visit the download page and you can install on top of your existing version For details of the changes, see Change log and Bug fixes.


6/8 in two different tempi at once - shows capability of Bounce Metronome to play rhythms in several tempi simultaneously

Youtube Video

6/8 in two different tempi at once

You will find this as a new rhythm phasing preset in  the Drum & Dance section of Bounce Metronome (select from main window drop list). It's under "rhythm phasing" in the list or example rhythms.  More rhythm phasing examples here.

This should be an easy polyrhythm to play, I think, once you get the hang of it, yet there's enough to it to be confusing at first, and sounds good. It is just a 3:2 polyrhythm with some skipped beats in each hand.

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Highlight each block as its played - Other Minor updates & Bug Fixes - Latest update 12th March 2014 - BounceMetronome Pro

Youtube Video

4/4 - Highlight each beat - with new option to fade at the end of beat

This is a minor tweak but it seems to help to synchronize with the metronome.

Minor update 23rd March: bug fixes

Minor update on 12th March - very minor update - several bug fixes

Minor update on 5th March - several bug fixes. Also now has a separate drop menu for skins and other very minor changes.

Minor update on 24th February  - various bug fixes, also now defaults to outline the area for the right click to change the instrument for individual beats - with faded dashed line - so not too obtrusive but makes it easier to find the feature. See  Change Log and  bug fixes

Minor update on 9th February - mainly bug fixes.

26th January 2014I just added an option to fade the highlight lines away at the end of each beat - and at the same time they also get narrower. See what you think.

The version I uploaded yesterday already does this, am about to do another upload in the next day or so with very minor tweaks to it.

For details of changes and previous versions, see: Change Log and  bug fixes