Is it possible to get Bounce Metronome working on the Mac again?

First, Bounce is programmed for Windows and the only way to get it to run on anything else is to use Windows or WINE which is a legal way to run Windows programs on other operating sytems because it is programmed from scratch to be compatible without using any actual Windows code. I used WINE for the Bounce Beta for Mac OSX, which used to be in regular use by many musicians. Sadly, it can't run on High Sierra or later because Apple dropped support for 32 bit apps and WINE at that time had to be 32 bit when run on OSX.

However I have discovered recently that there may be a chance of making it work again since I discovered that Wine 2.0 now supports 64 bit Mac OSX (previously 64 bit Wine didn't work on OSX).

There hasn't been any 64 bit update for the Wineskin but there are other ways of installing and using Wine on the Mac, including Play on Mac, Wine bottler, and Crossover. See Bounce Mac on Wine - could it work.

If so, that may be a way of getting Bounce to run on a Mac. Bounce itself is 32 bit, but 64 bit Wine I think can run 32 bit apps so it should insulate Bounce from the Mac OSX and the modern Macs continue to use chips that are compatible with 32 bit Windows.

When I get a bit of time I plan to try all the solutions for running Wine on the Mac including Wine bottler and Crosstalk, and see if any of them work with the latest version of OSX.
I still have the Macbook Air that I got through the kickstarter to develop the Bounce for Mac beta. I will also try to run it in Parallels desktop, if that doesn't work. Or VMWare Fusion. If those work then you need to buy Windows but you can run it on your Mac alongside other apps.
There is no way it an run on iOS on iPhone or iPad sadly. But it is maybe still possible it can run on OSX, and I will find out when I get some time.


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