13th January 2015 - Bug fixes

13th January 2015,

Fixed another bug in Automatic Tempo and Rhythm Changes (Ctrl + 245) . - recommended you download it if you use this window for tempo changes without rhythm changes. For details see Bug fixes.

9th January 2015,

New option in Automatic Tempo and Rhythm Changes (Ctrl + 245) to use step notation, e.g. "30 step 5 to 60" for 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 as a quick way to enter many tempo values after another. Plus Refresh button to show what you have just entered. See the help for the Tempo Progression field and the Refresh button for details.

Plus, several bug fixes especially for the option to change tempo in steps in  Gradually Changing Tempo etc (Ctrl + 42)


For Windows, or for Wine on Linux, go to the download page.

For the Mac beta - if you haven't got it yet, go to  Wineskin Bounce for Mac Beta. - you can then update your beta to the latest version by downloading the Windows installer and following the instructions there.

For details see Change Log

14th December:

added Wide and Narrow presets to the range for auto pan in Stereo Pan (Ctrl + 50)

5th December

Bug fixes: for Windows: click on tempo dial in 3D Bounce had no effect. for high resolution screens: defaults to rescale windows by 120% if the screen is larger than 1600 pixels in width on first install. For Mac: removed Eject Disk from the top menu and added link to the Bounce for Mac beta website. Many other minor updates and a fair number of bug fixes.


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